Non-Profits & Organizations

We can develop a website that is custom-tailored to the needs of your organization. Our experience working directly with non-profit and professional organizations has given us the understanding required to build websites that meet their needs. Let us show you what we can do for your organization.


  • Self-managed member profiles, including membership options, newsletters, group affiliations and more
  • Membership directories that can be accessed only by paid members (or not)
  • Pre-determined member “Roles” which allow site administrators to give certain officers varying levels of permissions
  • Chapter and Committee “Groups” where fellow group members can share information, images, videos and even documents
  • Group members can collaborate on common documents stored on the server, maintaining a single version and avoiding confusion
  • Automated membership sign-up and payment processes
  • Event management and online event registration, including payment processing
  • Organization-wide calendar of events, with sub-calendars for Chapters, Committees and other groups
  • Static pages which can be managed by site administrators and/or anyone provided with proper permissions
  • E-commerce options to allow some features to be available to members for an additional fee
  • Sponsorship and advertising options for additional revenue generation
  • And many more features!

Not-For-Profit Organizations

We offer significant discounts to benevolent organizations. Please contact us if you think you may be eligible.